Strategy & Energy Consulting

The question now is no longer how much consumption of each energy fuel is going to grow, but which one is not going to decline for the foreseeable future.
— "After the US Shale Gas Revolution" Thierry Bros

Thierry Bros provides independent advice, training & expertise on energy markets to corporations, governments, financial institutions and non-profit organizations. Thierry now provides research to Tellurian, a company planning to build low-cost LNG from the US. 

Thierry Bros is highly regarded by the energy community, notably accredited as the best European gas analyst for five years in a row (2013-2017).

Thierry Bros is well known for having rightly forecasted:

  • the consequences of the Fukushima nuclear disaster leading to a tightening of the Liquefied Natural Gas markets (2011-2014) and the end of the Japanese nuclear era,
  • the evolution of the European gas markets from oil-indexation to spot pricing,
  • the implications of the shale revolution with the US to become a major gas exporter,
  • the EU efficiency and renewable 2020 targets and the negative impact on European utilities business models.

Thierry Bros can provide:

  • ad-hoc research and consultancy on oil & gas markets fundamentals, technological breakthroughs, geopolitical implications, energy security, financial impacts of policy programs, etc.
  • scenario analysis and strategic advice on subjects that are affecting energy markets and investment patterns.
  • expert witness in arbitration cases.



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